2B) Bed pad without tuck-in strips


Water-resistant and absorbent bed sheet without tuck-in strips.

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  • Size: 75 x 90 cm
  • Absorption: 1,77 l
  • Colour:
    • Top: green
    • bottom: blue
  • Without tuck-in strips
  • Washing instructions:
  • OEKO-TEX certified
  • Water-resistant and absorbent bed sheet:

* for urine loss and any other type of fluid loss
* keeps you dry and comfortable
* saves you a lot of time (such as changing bed sheets)
* is easy to wash and therefore reusable -> cost saving + environmentally friendly

  • Can also be used for newly given birth ladies, babies/children who wet the bed, being sick and having to vomit,..


Additional information

Without tuck-in strips

Without tuck-in strips

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drip System
Absorption of 90 of 100 ml measured over a period of 4h.
This is for smaller amounts of urine loss. Our pad can absorb about 10ml in 1 time, 90 to 100 ml over 4 hours measured.
This as an alternative to the thinner absorbing pads/pants for both men and women.


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