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More comfort, time- and cost effective

Tested and approved by several residential care centers / nursing homes! 

Entusia Women® in Enthusia® Men is a specially designed, stylish collection of underwear for people who suffer from urine leakage. The briefs and boxers are beautiful, comfortable, wash- and reusable and offer extra quality of life to people with urine leakage.

An average of 8% of the residents of residential care centers / nursing homes are eligible for the current Entusia range® for light urine leakage (absorption up to 100 ml). In the course of 2022 we launched new products for women and men with moderate urinary incontinence (absorption up to 400 to 500 ml), at which we are aiming for a solution for 30% of the residents.

The benefits of Entusia®

Stimulates comfort, dignity and autonomy of the residents
Time saving of 25% for the nurses
Decrease purchase costs by 22,46%
Decrease waste processing costs by 99,50%

The technology

Entusia's underwear® is made with a new kind of fiber, which provides improved absorption. Each slip / boxer contains a thin lining - a pad - which is incorporated into the underwear. This pad absorbs urine very quickly, while odors are immediately neutralized.

Dry feeling, ultra-absorbent and breathable: 

Layer 1 The fibers of the top layer are so light that they pass urine very easily and in this way keep the skin dry.

Layer 2
The middle layer retains the urine and absorbs 10 times her own weight in half a second. This is no less 20 times faster than cotton or bamboo, for example.

Layer 3 The outer layer is water resistant, light and durable. She ensures that the urine can't pass through the underwear.

Antibacterial and odorless

All three layers of our pad have been treated with silver ions. This silver ions neutralize the bacteria in the urine so odors are neutralized and there is less chance of skin irritation and infections.

Wash- and dry conditions

  • Wash in the washing machine at max. 60°C
  • Dry in the dryer at max. 50°C
  • 75 times washing and drying without losing it's antibacterial effect

Tested by several industrial laundries. The briefs and boxers from Entusia® can handle their delicate (drying at 30°C) drying process.

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