customer Experiences

The Entusia boxer reflects a beautiful design and a very good protection. One feels optimally protected against urine loss! The boxer is perfect for when I experience light incontinence (dripping or small leaks). Regarding my moderate loss, which occasionally happens, I put an additional toad in the boxer, so my sense of security is even greater! Regards, Fernand

Fernand (70 years)

These pants are excellent, most comfortable pants I have ever worn. Literally can’t feel them on!

Jane (62 years)

De instopstroken van de Entusia bedonderlegger zijn een must. Op deze manier verschuift mijn onderlegger niet meer.


I have been wearing boxer shorts all my life, you don't feel the difference with your pants. Really a gap in the market.What an ease to stop using panty liners. I will certainly recommend them to people who have prostate cancer as in my case. I'm glad you came to think of it, to market that. Kind regards Pierre

Pierre (69 years)

De bedonderlegger van Entusia bevordert zowel het fysieke als mentale welzijn van enkele bewoners die ‘s nachts urineverlies hebben. Zij liggen niet meer in een nat bed en slapen hierdoor aangenamer en vaster. De onderlegger vermindert de kans op doorligwonden en vochtletsels bij ‘zwakkere”‘ bewoners.

Cindy (verpleegkundige woonzorgcentra)

The Entusia boxer is a breath of fresh air.Finally I can go out with a safe and confident feeling. The boxer is very comfortable and meets all expectations. Just a great product.

John (55 years)

I am onlyhad surgery on my prostate and since then i have been botheredunwanted leakage of urine. I note that there are very many menbe ashamed to talk about it, but this isabsolutely not necessary.I'm glad I didfellow suffererswho understand my situation very well. I was 1 of the test subjects of the boxer from Entusia and I was immediately convinced.The boxer is very comfortable, prevents leaks and nobody sees that I suffer from urine leakage. Really a relief.

Jef (63 years)

Enthusiast-slipis discreet and feels very comfortable. In addition, she looks stylish too.I would definitely recommend this slip to other women.

Sofie (29 years)

I am satisfied with the slip that I have tested, soft fabric and fits nicely. Good quality and it gives you over and over again a very secure feeling "

Christel (41 years)

The panties givesa secure, and dry feeling.. Above it's very comfortable and they also looks stylish.. I'm a big fan!

Other (35 years)

Since 1 week I use the briefs from Entusia, and I am very satisfied.Nice fit,nice that they are also available in black, andvery effective. Light to moderate urine leakage is no longer a problem with the Entusia briefs.

Mathilde (55 years)

Ik vind de zetelonderlegger super. Mooi design en zeer zacht om op te zitten.


I would like to let you know how satisfied I am with my purchase of an Entusia brief.Because I also have some discomforts and appear to be sensitive to panty liners, Entusia briefs are the best thing that can happen to me! The briefs are very comfortable, has a perfect fit, and most importantly above all, I have a good feeling about it, without annoying irritations. After washing, the slip remains in the perfect shape! II can recommend this slip to everyone! Which I have already done with my neighbors. Good luck further!

Brill (45 years)

’s nachts veel urineverlies hebben en daardoor wakker worden en nat blijven liggen, slapen met dit materiaal aangenamer en vaster. Het vermindert de kans op doorligwonden of vochtletsels bij zwakkere bewoners.

After urinating I regularly suffer fromdrip. As a man I feel very uncomfortable with this. Finally I can go through Entusiacome out without a sense of fear of possible accidents.

Roger (65 years)

They are sooo nice and sooo comfortable to wear !!! You can do them like thiswash frequently. A safe feeling even when you go to a beautiful event.I am done with thick pads and other liners. It is a godsend.

Julia (57 years)

Mijn patiënt heeft altijd wegwerp bedonderleggers gebruikt, maar sinds hij de herbruikbare bedonderlegger van Entusia geprobeerd heeft niet meer. Die van Entusia blijft veel beter liggen en is ook erg zacht om op te liggen.

Bie (thuisverpleegkundige)

I used the underwear once and was satisfied with it. The underpants remain in place, gives a pleasant feeling in contrast to a panty liner.

Gerda (53 years)

I had urine leakage from surgery. I contacted Entusia and found the ideal pants to solve my problem. I am very satisfied with it. They are not only effective, but also nice to wear.


Very satisfied with this comfortable and safe underwear. The entire female region is well protected and certainly less irritated than with panty liners. Highly recommended.


De Entusia slab heeft de perfecte afmetingen en het opvangzakje, dat onderaan gemaakt kan worden met de drukknopen, is zeer handig.


Never thought underwear would make me so happy. I was one of the lucky ones to test the slip of Entusia. At first I was a bit skeptical about the idea that I would be without protection for a whole day with’ urine loss. It soon became clear that my concerns were unjustified. After a whole day of work, walking, playing with the kids ( and, also jump on the trampoline), my day ended with a dry, fresh feeling. No leaks, no odors and yet everything I would normally avoid (without protection)… No pantyliners for me anymore. I'm a big fan!