Sexy, qualitative and washable.

Entusia briefs are made with a new type of fiber, which provides improved absorption. Each brief contains a thin lining – a pad – incorporated in the slip. This pad absorbs urine very quickly, while odors are immediately neutralized.

The pad consists of 3 different layers:

Layer 1: The fibers of the top layer are so light that they pass urine very easily and in this waykeep the skin dry.

Layer 2: The middle layer retains the urine andabsorbs 10 times her own weight in half a second. This is no less 20 times faster than cotton or bamboo, for example.

Layer 3: The outer layer is water resistant, light and durable. She ensures that the urine cannot get through the briefs.

The pad is integrated into the slip so that it stays in place and cannot slide like with a panty liner. The Entusia briefs are washable and therefore reusable. Theantibacterial treatment of the pad reduces the risk of infections and neutralizes odors.

Our philosophy.

Entusia stands for enthusiasm.

That is also the feeling that we want to give you, even when you don't feel 100% yourself. Everyone has their concerns, but lies ahead of youa beautiful and sexy solution to wait.

Do you wanta carefree day out without constantly thinking about what could happen? Feel free to play with your (grand)child, walk that extra round and enjoy without feeling scared or annoyed.

Entusia is excited to say: We have the solution!

Comfort? Mode?  Of course.

The existing solutions for urine loss are panty liners and sanitary napkins for women and panty liners for men. These only cause discomfort. They give you an insecure feeling and the burden of having to carry extra pieces in your bag.

Entusia is happy to offer an alternative that makes all of theseminor inconveniences goaway. We usesoft quality fabricsbeautiful finishing and a slip / boxer that's socomfortable that you completely forget its original purpose.

You like to look good, even when you have urine leakage. The only way to get yourself backto feel like a real woman / man is by wearing the right underwear.

And those extra pieces in your bag? You don't need them anymore!

Our helping hands.

A caring product is nothing without the opinion and feedback of people who actually need it.

Therefore, with Entusia, we got the help of a large number of test persons who were not afraid to speak out about their problem.  They haveworn, washed, tested and approved our underwear. In addition, they answered questions such as:

– Does the underwear feels good?
– Does it pinch somewhere?
– Do they offer just as much comfort after a few washes?
– Do you like the underwear??
– … 

We continued to work until every test person was completely satisfied. Together we worked for the beautiful, reliable underwear that you can see here today. Every new model is always tested by people with experience. Only when they are for the full 100% sure, we will continue working on it.

Now that everything is ready, Entusia will certainly continue to do so in the nearby futureto introduce new colors and models. This is done in consultation with you. Your opinion is extremely important and a necessity to make our collectioneven better and more beautiful.


Do you have a bad feeling but do not dare to come out?
Don't let this hold you down.

Is it annoying? And.

May this determine your lifestyle? No.

You deserve to be happy and to start positive every day. Entusia is there to promote your enthusiasm and to give you thatextra touch of confidencethat you now sometimes lose. No inlays, no more sanitary napkins or an insert. Well onenice, sexy slip / boxer in which you can be completely yourself.

Behind the scenes.

My name is Hans Versmissen, founder of Entusia. The ball started to roll when I saw a pair of specific underwear for ladies in a Canadian pharmacy. I knew from a colleague at the time that she also suffered from unwanted urine loss and it was not always easy for her. With that in mind, I decided to do something about it. I started to explore the Belgian market.

I was surprised when I heard how many people – despite the taboo – struggle with urine leakage. I was even more surprised that thereare little or no good solutions for them. I decided to continue. I started making appointments with urologists, gynecologists, incontinence nurses, midwives, pelvic floor physiotherapists and all other professionals who come in contact with unwanted urine loss in their professional environment. Of course they have been aware of this problem for a long time and they all asked me the same question: “when can we introduce this product to our patients?’

All these reactions prompted me to take action and now I am finally ready to introduce Entusia to you too.

Do not forget: You are important!

Feel good, do feel confident and beautiful because, you are!

Good for the environment

    Our underwear is at least 60 x washable and therefore reusable, which means that we have a huge impact on the waste pile. Especially when you know that a person with urine loss consumes 2 to 3 disposable pads a day. In this way we save per user between 730 and 1.095 bandages / pads per year from the waste pile.
    The following issues have a positive impact on CO2 emissions compared to disposable pads:
    – our deliberate choice of materials (like. bamboo,..)
    – production and logistics process
    – ..