1A) Boxer – Blue – light urine loss

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A beautiful, comfortable boxer shorts that absorbs urine and neutralizes odors.

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In Belgium, members of the health insurance companies below receive a discount:
CM / Good Pharma
De Voorzorg Limburg / Zorgba(a)r

– Dutch people (private persons) can order via the following link: Plus point
– Dutch people (healthcare professionals) can order via the following link: Medbis

A beautiful, comfortable boxer shorts that absorbs urine and neutralizes odors.

Measure European size Size/waist (cm)
S 4 80 – 85
M 5 85 – 90
L 5 90 – 95
XL 7 95 – 100
XXL 8 100 – 105

Washing instructions:

Dryer: max 50°

We also recommend liquid detergent.

These things can damage the underwear and the antibacterial activity:

  • Chlorine
  • Wash softeners
  • Natural oils
  • Additional perfumes
  • Color Products (to dye cloths)
  • UV-brighteners
  • Additional stain remover
  • Enzymes

    Our absorbent pad is integrated into our briefs / boxers and as a result it remains in its place and does not move as in panty liners / absorbing pads..
    The briefs / boxers of Entusia are washable and therefore reusable. The antibacterial treatment of the pad neutralizes the bacteria in the urine, thereby:
  • odors are neutralized
  • it reduces the risk of skin irritations and infections

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S, M, L, XL, XXL

Shipping and delivery FREE delivery above 70,00 EUR

drip System
Absorption of 90 of 100 ml measured over a period of 4h.
This is for smaller amounts of urine loss. Our pad can absorb about 10ml in 1 time, 90 to 100 ml over 4 hours measured.
This as an alternative to the thinner absorbing pads/pants for both men and women.

5 reviews for 1A) Boxer – Blue – light urine loss

  1. Fernand

    The Entusia boxer reflects a beautiful design and a very good protection. One feels optimally protected against urine loss! The boxer is perfect for when I experience light incontinence (dripping or small leaks). Regarding my moderate loss, which occasionally happens, I put an additional toad in the boxer, so my sense of security is even greater!

  2. Pierre

    I have been wearing boxer shorts all my life, you don't feel the difference with your pants. Really a gap in the market, after washing (and drying) it, it doesn't take long to get them dry. What an ease to stop using panty liners. I will certainly recommend them to people who have prostate cancer as in my case. I'm glad you came to think of it, to market that

  3. John

    The Entusia boxer is a breath of fresh air. Finally I can go out with a safe and confident feeling. The boxer is very comfortable and meets all expectations. Just a great product.

  4. Jef

    I recently had an operation on my prostate and since then I have suffered from unwanted urine loss. I notice that a lot of men are ashamed to talk about it, but this is absolutely not necessary. I am happy to have found fellow sufferers who understand my situation very well. I was 1 of the test subjects of the boxer from Entusia and I was immediately convinced. The boxer is very comfortable, prevents leaks and nobody sees that I suffer from urine leakage. Really a relief.

  5. Roger

    After urinating I regularly suffer from dripping. As a man I feel very uncomfortable with this. Finally I can get out through Entusia without a sense of fear of possible accidents.

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