Entusia Pad – Women Nr. 3 – moderate urine loss


Removable, absorbent pad which in combination with our “Enthusiasm slip” should be used for moderate urine leakage !

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Removable, absorbent pad which in combination with our “Enthusiasm slip – hoge size – moderate urine loss” must be used !

– Dutch people (private persons) can order via the following link: Plus point
– Dutch people (healthcare professionals) can order via the following link: Medbis

A beautiful, comfortable pad that absorbs urine and neutralizes odors.

Maximum absorption: 400ml !

Washing instructions:

Dryer: max 50°

We also recommend liquid detergent.

The following things can harm the antibacterial effect:

  • Chlorine
  • Wash softeners
  • Natural oils
  • Additional perfumes
  • Color Products (to dye cloths)
  • UV-brighteners
  • Additional stain remover
  • Enzymes

    Both our removable pad and our moderate urine loss briefs feature press studs that keep our pad in place and prevent it from sliding around like a panty liner/bandage.
    The pads from Entusia are washable and therefore reusable. The antibacterial treatment of the pad neutralizes the bacteria in the urine, thereby:
  • odors are neutralized
  • it reduces the risk of skin irritations and infections

Additional information

Number of pieces

1 piece, 5 pieces

Shipping and delivery FREE delivery above 70,00 EUR

drip System
Absorption of 90 of 100 ml measured over a period of 4h.
This is for smaller amounts of urine loss. Our pad can absorb about 10ml in 1 time, 90 to 100 ml over 4 hours measured.
This as an alternative to the thinner absorbing pads/pants for both men and women.


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